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Friday’s Letters

Dear C.F.W., thanks for sitting on the floor to read our son a bedtime story and causing me to remember to count it all joy. You are the person that makes my heart happier then I ever thought possible. Thank goodness for grace and love that you pour over me. Dear Archie Stone, you turn one years old in 9 days. I am still in denial. I’ve noticed you intentionally reaching for me and daddy a little bit more and gripping our arms a little tighter as we walk down the stairs. These are things I will cherish in my memory forever. It’s the little things. Dear best (that’s you A.R.M.), thank you for a run through Cherokee Park and then coming over for breakfast and conversation. You encourage me and let me be completely open with you without any judgement. And that fact that you love my kid like he could be yours knocks my socks off. Dear Fall, you are creeping up on us and I love you. However, I will not be hashtagging any PSL’s (pumpkin spice lattes). French Press or death.

Happy Friday, lovelies!


Social Media


I find myself having a hard time with social media more and more each week. It seems as if social media has allowed people to feel the freedom to talk about anything and everything without having any social awareness.

My blog posts automatically post to my facebook page, I’m not on twitter and I find myself not overly posting on Instagram either. I’m not saying I have it all figured out or that I’m a better person than anyone else because of it but I want to talk about some of my reasons that I have pulled back from posting (and boy, I totally used to be an oversharer) and some of the reasons that social media can be great.

  • I know that life is not always roses and rainbows, believe me, but I don’t want my children to look back on my chronicles and picture me as an angry, bitter, resentful 28 year old. All too often I see people using social media as an outlet to just complain. Yes, there are moments, days and seasons to where nothing seems to be falling into place but there are also positives that we need to focus on as well (or just don’t post anything at all during those times). It’s not all about addressing bad drivers, waits at doctors offices and family drama because believe me, I’ve had my share of family drama and I have definitely openly talked about it before but looking back I don’t believe it was the wisest method of coping to rant to the world about it. Are there really any benefits to being whiny at all?
  • I especially never want my children to look back and see me complaining about them in particular. I plan to never post a picture of a bad teacher’s report, bad grades or talk about how heinous they might have been that particular day. Not to appear as if we always had it together and they were always angels but I’m sure glad I don’t have to look back on my not so finer moments when I was a child and see them displayed for all the world to see.
  • Along those same lines, I never want to appear as if I’m not grateful for my babe. Yes, I have days where my child just looks at me and is crying and I don’t know the answer. Or I have more of a sleepless night. Or he might just be downright defiant while he is learning his sinful nature more. But you know what? I have so many friends who would give their right arm to have a baby. To rock them to sleep, to shower them with kisses and to look at them as they are crying hysterically and still know they are theirs. I thought about our dear friends who lost their baby 3 weeks after Archie was born during childbirth so many times throughout middle of the night feedings and times where Archie just was more clingy and I was determined to find joy because you never know when the Lord will call us or our family home.
  • I don’t want my child to see me complaining about my marriage. My job is to be an example on what to strive for in looking for a wife, being a godly wife and displaying actions that are pleasing to the Lord. No, I’m definitely not perfect by any means, but does it need to be on display and for my children to look back and see later to justify their own sin? No. Work out your problems amongst yourselves, privately or with a trusted third-party.
  • You can’t take those words you wrote back. Sure, you can delete them but someone, somewhere read them right when you posted and their views of you can be skewed or tainted based on what you write and those negative thoughts usually overpower the positives when you think back on those individuals. I’ve learned I would rather someone not think of me at all then think of all the harsh words or rants I posted.
  • Social media has also formed a jealous spirit in the past for me. I am quite the outgoing personality and social butterfly so sometimes my feelings get hurt when it seems as if all my other friends have gotten together and I didn’t get called. But you know what? It’s an area I realized I struggled with and in taking this burden to the Lord, I have found much more peace. But don’t use social media solely to show who you’re hanging out with or name dropping. This is never encouraging for other people and is breeding ground for jealousy and negativity.
  • In following, bragging is never attractive or cool. Whether it’s standing on your soapbox for being able to buy all organic food and household items, being able to be a stay at home mom or how awesome you parent your kids. I’ve had so many women tell me how discouraged they get with thinking they aren’t a good enough mom or they are missing out on their kids whole lives since they still have to work to help provide for their family and facebook ignites this.
  • Seriously, social media started taking over my life a while ago. I was thinking up constant “status updates” as things would happen throughout the day, even though I might not have been posting them, I was still thinking in that mindset. I shouldn’t be worrying about what to write in a status update when I should be living life and soaking in the sweet moments.
  • Honestly, social media can be a great source of encouragement. I’ve asked for “advice” on what appeared to be a teething infant and a babe who only wanted milk fresh from the tap as opposed to a bottle when I was at work. I got great words of non-judgmental wisdom and was greatly encouraged by women in my life.
  • I love that we can document so much of our lives to look back on. I love that it’s an easy place to have stored pictures and times of sweet words from friends that our kids can look back on and get a glimpse into our lives at each season.
  • I love that I’m able to keep in touch with people that I’m not able to talk to on the phone on a regular. I love seeing who is pregnant, getting married, traveling, graduating, etc. It’s like a high school reunion every day.
  • Family and friends can keep up with Archie and not feel so out of touch being in other states.

Social media can definitely have its pros and cons, but I’ve been determined to be more mindful on how I present myself publicly. I want to be an encouragement and not a source of discontent to be stirred up in anyone else’s hearts.

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately. Any thoughts on social media on why it’s great or not so great sometimes?