Framed State Art

Monthly craft night with my best was upon us this past Friday night so we decided to make some art to hang on our walls. I had seen a little project in Young House Love’s book for cutout framed states.

I already had a frame from a past Ikea trip I could use and leftover burlap from Archie’s birthday banner so all I needed was a printout of Tennessee and Kentucky (my choice of states to represent where we got married and where we call home now) and some cute scrapbook paper to make my state cutouts.


I cutout the printable states and then traced those onto my scrapbook paper and used some scissors to carefully cut out my state. I had also brought my xacto knife to use if I needed it but scissors seemed to work just fine.


I tried to pick two scrapbook pages that would kind of go together when I framed them together and I think I picked the right ones. Once I was finished meticulously cutting, I taped them to my cut burlap and placed it in the frame. Voilà!


Easy as that, friends. Wall art on the cheap that I think looks great!

I’m gradually trying to accumulate enough white frames and art to hang all the way up our staircase, so slowly but surely I’m getting there.

Next month the best and I are having two craft nights because of a Christmas wreath we are going to make for our front doors and gifts for a Women’s gift exchange we do every year. We are turning into crafting fools and I kind of love it!!

Which states would you pick and why? What are some ideas for on the cheap art that you’ve done recently?


The Village

You see, I just had to write this post because you know what? I’m thankful. So over the moon, gushy with emotions, thankful.


These people you are about to all see? All of them have loved us so well this past year. All of them have watched our babe at some time or another, usually even multiple times, because we don’t have physical family near us.


So on this fall, crisp, Friday morning I thought it was about time I give public kudos to our “village”. 


They continue to knock mine and Chad’s socks off in how they love us. First it was being great friends before Archie bear was even in the picture.


Then it was helping us prep for Archie’s arrival, providing things we needed, and bringing us home cooked meals and tasty treats after we got home from the hospital.


Thirdly, it was helping us all throughout the last year by coming over to “babysit” while we had meetings, date nights and job commitments.

They’ve asked us repeatedly when they can watch our babe again, they’ve showered him with so many kisses he won’t know what to do with himself when he’s older because he’s already so rotten, they’ve allowed my husband and I to pursue our marriage, and most importantly, they’ve prayed for Archie bear.


Internet world, these people you see peppered on this post are our family. Hands down, they are the best. They’ve bridged the gap that I feared would be lacking living in a city no where close to Archie’s grandparents.


So thank you, dear friends. This public shout out is long overdue and I know is not at all expected, but I had to try and shout it from the rooftops someway, somehow. Thank you’s in words, hugs, meals and sweet treats will never be enough.


The Lord has been so kind and Chad and I are forever grateful.

What are you thankful for this glorious Friday?