And Then There Were Four

Chad, Archie and I are so, so excited to let the cat out of the bag and let everyone know that our family of three will become four this September!


I’m well into my second trimester and we found out a while back we’re having another boy! Besides the usual first trimester nausea, tiredness, and weird tastes in my mouth, I feel pretty normal. I’m continuing to stay as active as I can and will see how far I can keep running this time around. I made it until about 34 weeks with Archie so here’s to hoping I can keep it up.

We know Archie has no clue what is really about to happen in September but we know that he’ll be a great big brother as he is such a very affectionate and loving kid already. He loves giving hugs and kisses and he seems to have no shortage.


It’s crazy to think we are going to have another newborn in our house. Those days with Archie seem so long ago and just went by way too quickly. I sort of can’t wait to feel the heavy breaths of a small, snuggly newborn on my chest and buried into my neck with his sweet milk breath.

The next few months I’m sure I’ll pop in with pregnancy updates, random pictures and stories of how we are preparing to transition to adding another boy to our nest. We’ll be shuffling Archie to his own big boy room and keeping the nursery the same for the new little guy. We have some projects up our sleeves for Archie’s new room that we hope turn out as great as we picture them in our mind so I’m sure I’ll be documenting along the way.

We feel very blessed and are thankful for your kind thoughts and prayers throughout the remainder of this pregnancy and on through after he is born as we adjust to a life with two.


Ready or not… here we go!!!


2 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four

  1. lauraloewen

    so happy for you guys!! I was wondering when we’d all get a beautiful announcement like this! 🙂 More kids is totally crazy but totally wonderful and such a blessing, too. It’s awesome, and so incredible that you’ll have more love to go around and more than you ever thought possible! Love you guys.


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