Change of Pace

If you know me personally, you know I’m sort of an over achiever. I try and wear many hats and keep a lot of plates spinning. I like to be busy. I grew up that way and my mindset has never switched off of needing something else to do to fight any ounce of possible boredom if I see it looming.

Lately I have been convicted of filling up my time with so much stuff. Whether it’s social media, meetings, blogging, running, or saying yes to anything and everything that might be asked of me. All while reminding myself that I’m also a wife and momma.

Soooo…. in saying that, I don’t want to necessarily say I’m going to stop blogging because I know I’ll never stop baking, crafting, running or parenting. Life is life and it’s going to keep going and I think there are valuable things to be able to talk about or reveal on this blog (like my favorite brownie recipe that I still haven’t shared with ya’ll!). However, I do feel like I need to take a step back.

My sweet, cuddly, little Archie bear is growing up so fast and I’ve been too tempted to keep up with the social media world sometimes (with blogs, instagram, facebook, etc.) and I just can’t miss out on one second. Between still working as a nurse, being a wife, momma and friend, I just have to lay this down and realize that honestly, I’m not blogging to make a living or be the most popular so why would I feel a problem letting this go? I shouldn’t and I don’t.

I love writing and sharing bits and pieces of my life whether it involves recipes, cloth diapers, or celebrating sweet milestones and I’ll continue to do this in some capacity, I hope, but am taking the pressure off myself (because I’ve been the only one to put the pressure there in the first place) to post routinely or dwell on topics that I need to write up and get scheduled to post.

I’ll be soaking in more date nights with my man, snuggles and kisses from my baby bear and late nights of laughter with friends. And less of trying to keep up reading blogs, commenting, eavesdropping on facebook and always thinking about what’s next. Life is too short to live it feeling like I’ve been feeling the past few weeks.

Thank you to all who read faithfully or just read because you’ve stumbled here. I’ll see you around. Much love from me to you.


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