Burlap Birthday Banner

Much to my dismay, I’m really not a naturally crafty person. I secretly wish to have a keen eye to design, crochet, knit, sew and have awesome handwriting to where I could create cool chalkboard themes.

So when it came time for Archie’s birthday decorations I went out one afternoon and quickly bought already made decorations and ended up spending $60 before I knew what hit me. I thought about it over the next day and decided to take it all back and try my hand at doing things on my own. I took that $60 down to around $10 for all of Archie’s party decorations. I tried to think of what I had around the house that I could use and decided I didn’t really want an over the top theme. Let’s get real, the only thing Archie really loves at one year of age is momma’s milk and music.

So let’s break down my little burlap birthday banner fun. Shall we?

Supplies: burlap fabric (I bought a yard but had so much leftover so I’ll use it for other things down the line), stencil (you may not need this if you have a steady hand and great handwriting for block lettering), foam paint brush, paint color you desire, twine or fun string to weave for hanging.

I started with a plain paper template that I measured to cut out to use on my burlap. This was 6 inches high, and the V on the bottom I cut was 2 inches high.

IMG_2909I traced however many I needed onto my burlap and just cut them out.

IMG_2910Set your burlap pieces aside, make sure you have something under them to prevent paint on dripping everywhere and have your paint, stencil and foam brush ready.


IMG_2949Stencil away with your paint and you are done! Just let it dry overnight.


String some twine through your burlap and hang. Simple as that. Mine didn’t turn out too shabby, thankfully, so I consider it a small victory in my wanna-be crafty life section.

IMG_3021Tomorrow night my best and I are attempting our hand at another craft. Who am I?! Happy crafting!


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