Fall Wreath Craftiness

So, my best and I have decided to officially implement a monthly craft night. We shall see how long this lasts but our first craft was super fun and went by rather quickly as we sat in front of the TV watching Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood. This was after my best graciously helped me get cloves out of two bulbs of roasted garlic. Our hands smelled, well, garlicky. Yummmm….


I seem to get in the crafty mood as fall rolls around and I wanted to make my own wreath to hang on my front door to welcome the cooler temperatures and the guests that seem to always be filtering in and out of our house (makes me so happy!).


I love me some burlap and Hobby Lobby has a 50% off sale going on now with all their speciality burlap ribbon so guess which frugal, wanna be crafter jumped on the burlap train? Yup, me.


This is a relatively easy wreath craft that turned out delightfully well and makes me smile every time I walk down the stairs in the house since I get to see the backside from my front door windows.


Just start with whatever size wreath ring you want and weave your burlap ribbon in and out of the rings and pull the middle sections to make it “fluffy”. Usually about 2-3 inches. I needed two 15 foot rolls of burlap for this middle size wreath ring and had exactly what I needed. I also just purchased an already made burlap flower to make things easy but for the next wreath I think I’ll attempt to make my own.


I am also planning on running back to Hobby Lobby for another wreath ring and crafting one for our back door with a chevron pattern burlap. Who is surprised at me picking chevron? No one? Oh. I guess I am pretty predictable.


Alright, go get your craft on, friends, and hang a wreath to make you smile each time you walk in the door.


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