Friday’s Letters

Dear C.F.W., thanks for sitting on the floor to read our son a bedtime story and causing me to remember to count it all joy. You are the person that makes my heart happier then I ever thought possible. Thank goodness for grace and love that you pour over me. Dear Archie Stone, you turn one years old in 9 days. I am still in denial. I’ve noticed you intentionally reaching for me and daddy a little bit more and gripping our arms a little tighter as we walk down the stairs. These are things I will cherish in my memory forever. It’s the little things. Dear best (that’s you A.R.M.), thank you for a run through Cherokee Park and then coming over for breakfast and conversation. You encourage me and let me be completely open with you without any judgement. And that fact that you love my kid like he could be yours knocks my socks off. Dear Fall, you are creeping up on us and I love you. However, I will not be hashtagging any PSL’s (pumpkin spice lattes). French Press or death.

Happy Friday, lovelies!



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