What I’m Reading Now

I love to read other people’s posts on what they are currently reading. I get great ideas on what to add to my library request que so I thought I’d give ya’ll a look into what I’ve been reading this summer.

Give Them Grace by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick and Jessica Thompson- I have just recently started this book and already see so much great insight into raising kids to love Christ and how to parent them to where they are pointed towards Christ in everything. I’m anxious to finish this book because it’s been so rich in words.


A Praying Life by Paul Miller- I started reading this well over a year ago with 6 other women that are Sojourn Music staff wives and while I loved it from the get, it just kept being pushed aside for lack of time. I am now committing myself again to go through this book and am pleased that I have started back. I want my prayer life to be strong and I want to not be so self conscious with my prayers and this book walks us through how to pray without fear and come to the Lord in everything.


What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty- an easy, fun beach or poolside read. I love these types of books during the summer because I can easily pick them up and get into it without too much thinking involved. Perfect for a lazy day at the beach or pool.


Young House Love by John and Sherry Petersik- I literally just got this book in the mail this past week and have been wanting it for quite a while. I would love to be more “DIY” queen around our house but I’m really not that creative and I get intimidated by DIY projects upon first glance (or thought) easily. I love their blog and read it everyday so I’ll be anxious to see what ideas I can grab from the book and run with them. I definitely need some inspiration and courage for some little things around the house that will make it more cozy and lived in. I’ll keep you posted on if I do any projects down the line.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn- This has definitely been a popular book for 2013 and I’m so glad I read it. It is intense and kept me guessing the whole time. A super fast read that will have you gripped from the beginning. My kind of book. If a book doesn’t grab me in the first few pages, then I totally check out and there is no finishing it.


So there I have it. My recent reads. I have 20 more books in my library list so I’ll do another post this fall if you so care. Let me know what you are reading, have read, or want to read! I’d love to get some more ideas to add to my ever growing list.


5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading Now

  1. Lb

    I read What Alice Forgot too. It’s funny but also a reminder to love and appreciate what’s good about your life. Which is also what I like about your blog! I recently read The Invisible Thread and would recommend it.


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