10 Months

My Dearest Archie Stone, how in the world have you lived outside my belly for a month longer than you were in it? You are rapidly growing, learning and taking the world in every day. This month you learned to climb stairs, dropped all your middle of the night feedings (again), now sleep from 7 pm until 8 am, finally popped two of your bottom teeth, and quit falling asleep during your bedtime nursing session. I haven’t held your sleeping self at all this month because you love your crib so much and always love to play for a few minutes before you lay your sweet head down to rest. This makes me quite sad but I’m thankful I soaked in the last few cuddles before you decided to be so independent.


You understand the word ‘no’ and your mouth turns into a frown and it’s probably the cutest cry I’ve ever seen and I force myself not to shower you with kisses because you are just too darn cute.


You still refuse to feed yourself in any capacity and I’m pretty certain it’s because you don’t want to dirty your hands. You may or may not get that from your momma. Oops.


You love any animal that is around, and particularly your kitty at home, Nattie. You giggle any time an animal is around and are always pounding away or crawling all over Nattie. Thank goodness he is so good with you and lets you do whatever you want.


You sure do love your momma and daddy. Your face lights up when I walk in your room in the morning to get you out of bed. You giggle and show off your teeth as you see daddy walk in the door from work.


You absolutely love music which makes your daddy so proud! You now crawl over to the piano in record speed, pull yourself up and tap away on the keys. You “dance” anytime we put on music and you love when momma hums and sings to you (even though she really is not the musician of the family).


You cruise everywhere. You are too brave for your own good and just want to be on the go all the time. We have our hands full but each day is so new and so fun!


I love you more than words could even begin to describe. I love your sweet, slobbery kisses and when you touch your head to mine because you want to be close. I miss you when you are sleeping and could cry when I think about you having grown up so much already. I’m convinced my heart literally grows more everyday with love for you. You have blessed my life beyond measure. Happy 10 months sweet boy. Thankful to call you mine.



3 thoughts on “10 Months

  1. Tara

    Oh my!! Handsome boy! His baby white skin is so. lovely!!! Love that he plays the piano…I have a feeling Andrew would enjoy that!!


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