Seven years ago today I walked down a long aisle in a beautiful dress and cathedral veil to meet my groom.


We exchanged vows, he sang to me, we prayed, kissed and I squealed loud enough that the whole church heard my excitement as our pastor pronounced us man and wife.


We danced the night away and we stayed up half the night with me repeating, “Can you believe we are married?!”.


I never knew a love like that could exist.


Seven years later, I still never imagined I could love someone like I love Chadwick Fields Watson.

It’s been seven years: We’ve lived in 3 different cities, made the best of friends, traveled to many great cities, eaten more than our share of good food and sweet treats, trudged through hurt and cried a river of tears, laughed until we cried, and was given the most wonderful gift in a son.

As crazy as life can get or has been, there is no one I would rather journey alongside. The Lord gave me such a good gift when he gave me you, Chad. I love you so much more than any words could describe. Happy 7 year anniversary. You are it for me. Yesterday, today and always.



7 thoughts on “7

  1. herbonherbs

    Congrats and Happy Anniversary! Beautiful wedding pics. It’s good to know you can still be madly in love 7 years later – we’re working on year 1 right now 🙂

  2. Natalie

    Girl…I am one week behind you (as you know). Still think it is cool that you guys flew in from your honeymoon and Chad sang in our wedding.
    I know you’ve been through alot…but it is so refreshing to watch God bless your marriage and now give you the blessing of parenthood. Happy 7 years!

  3. Kristen

    Happy belated anniversary !! I forget ours anniversaries are so close !! Happy 7 years and here’s to the next 70!!!


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