Friday’s Letters

Dear C.F.W., you having the past week off has been so sweet. Lot’s of meals, baby snuggles, episodes of LOST, rest, diaper changes and laughter ensued. And the fact that you send me off for a couple of hours to have time to myself is a true blessing and such a rejuvenation for my heart. You are, and always will be my favorite. Dear Archie Stone, life with you gets better by the day. And now you have two teeth about to pop through which answers all of those questions last week when you were feverish and hysterical. You, child, are simply growing up too quickly. Feel free to slow your roll. Dear Highlands, living in your area makes me love life that much more. Your parks, unique personalities, unmatched taste in food and freedom to envelop my inner ‘granola’ makes me so happy.

Happy Friday, lovelies!





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