Today I’m thankful for sweet friends from Chicago who spend hours visiting just sitting and talking.

20130625-152551.jpgI’m thankful for those dear friends bringing me the cutest outfit ever for my handsome Archie bear.


Thankful for a babe who quietly dozes off on long stroller walks.

20130625-152559.jpgThankful for a kitty who sticks extra close to us after we’ve been away on vacation, even if he does get on my nerve sometimes.

20130625-152607.jpgThankful for playdates with babies that are Archie’s age. Am I seriously a mom?!


Extra thankful for this guy, who shares the responsibilities of taking care of our (hopefully just teething) child who spikes a fever, won’t stop fussing, is up more at night than he ever was as a newborn, refuses to eat and just plain doesn’t know what he wants right now. I would be lost without this fella in my life. I lurve him.


Oh, and super thankful for 9 months (tomorrow!) with this little guy. Even through the fussing, indecisiveness of his little self, and up all night because he might be teething, I would do it forever just to have him in my life. Because you know what? These days are short and I’m soaking in the sweet moments, even if they are peppered with some fussiness.

20130628-090406.jpgAnd lastly, thankful for you all, whether I’ve met you or not, for reading this blog, interacting and sharing bits of your world with me too. Happy Friday!


1 thought on “Thankfulness

  1. Alexis @

    What an amazing post. Teething is the worst (mine little guy started teething at 3 mths) and it’s easy to forget how special they are through the sleep deprivation. Good luck, hopefully Archie’s will go through teething quickly.


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