Thoughts from the Beach

Chad, Archie and I just got back from a 9 day vacation. We traveled down to Birmingham, AL, picked up my in-laws and headed to Florida. It was nice to disconnect and soak it in with family. Here are some thoughts and a few picture highlights from our travels.

1. Whoa, vacation is way different with a babe. Not bad, just different. Like being pre-occupied with getting those very first moments perfectly captured via camera.


2. Nightly eating out? Definitely not as fun as it used to be and definitely didn’t happen every night. We sure gave it our best effort though. A certain, unnamed, individual just wants to be on the move too much to sit still.


3. The pool miraculously clears out at 2 pm. Guess that’s the universal nap time.

4. I thought I hated speedos. I don’t. My Archie bear was the cutest speedo wearing thing around.


5. I really need two weeks at the beach. It took a good 4 days to get settled in and fully relaxed. Then we’re packing it up day 6. Note to self: next year, two weeks.


6. 30A never disappoints. I feel like any other beach would be kind of a let down.


7. Calories totally don’t count on vacation. I ate anything and everything I wanted. Oh wait, I sort of do that everyday.


8. People watching gets better and better.

9. I’m super blessed to have such wonderful in-laws. Chad is an only child which makes Archie Stone the only grandchild so far. He got his fair share of kisses and cuddles and mommy and daddy got date nights and time at the pool alone.


10. Outlet shopping is dangerous and awesome all at the same time. I scored some killer deals.

11. The days go by so much faster when you have kids at the beach. Wake up, feed baby, you eat, sunscreen everyone, pack the beach bag, haul a million pounds to the beach, play, put baby down for a nap at the beach, lay out, baby wakes up, play, pack up, walk back to the house with said million pounds, feed baby, eat lunch, play or pool time, nap for baby, pool or beach for momma, come back, feed baby, get ready for dinner or date, baby down for the night, chill out or go have a dessert date and then call it a night. Repeat x 6 days.


12. It was my dream to have my baby nap on the beach. I always envied those that had those sweet babes sleeping under their umbrellas. The epitome of peaceful sweetness. I couldn’t wait to be that mom one day. And let me tell you, it was every bit sweet and more of what I always dreamt it would be like.


13. Most surprising baby gear need? My ERGO carrier. I hauled Mr. Archie to the beach everyday strapped on my back like a little papoose. It was so nice to have my hands free so I could help carry things and not have him wiggling out of my arms.


14. So thankful we have a water bug as a baby. Archie splish splashed and loved both the pool and the ocean.


15. Chad has decided he likes to be behind the camera… especially when he gets to practice with our new 50 mm lens.


16. He thinks shots are even better when taken on a deck with a 5 million dollar view. P.S. Five million?! What the what?!


So y’all, I’m back and have some fun posts coming up so keep an eye out! Hope you all are having a fantastic summer so far. Anyone else out there feel like it’s flying way faster this year?! Yikes.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts from the Beach

  1. donna McCreery

    Ahhhh! Glad you all had fun! Yes, its definitely differently with a baby, but we met some of our best lifelong friends at the baby pool!! And, hey, You and I have the same necklace!! Its the one in the second shot, with your yellow dress! Now, if I just had your body too! I know you work hard at it! Would love to see that sweet boy in person sometime!!

    1. Lauren @ The Highlands Life Post author

      Donna, you are always too sweet! I mean, really, you just can’t beat 30A in our opinion. So perfect for families. I got that necklace and dress at the Ann Taylor Loft outlet down at the beach actually. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites already!
      Give all those grown up boys a hug from me. Miss you guys!

  2. Sherree

    Yes, I literally cannot make it without my ErgoBaby. I had one beach vacation with Alton and Steve stayed in Louisville…and there is no way I could get our stuff out there without it! Actually, on our most recent family vacation to Florida, my Ergo broke, and I bought a replacement in like 15 minutes. The company replaced my broken one when we got home. I love your pics, recipes, and blog! I’m glad you had a great vacation!!!

  3. Alexis

    Wow, It looks like such a great holiday. We live so close to the beach but we haven’t tried it with our son yet, as we are in winter and last summer he was much to young. I can’t wait though. Great pictures!


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