Thursday Thoughts

1. Two nights ago we decided to start watching LOST on Netflix. This is like 10 years after it ended, not really but you know what I mean. I’m kind of already sucked in and intrigued. And clearly not a cool enough person to watch it when it was really on TV.

2. I must have dessert at least every day, usually multiple times a day. Unashamed. Lately it’s a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. Recipe coming soooon.

3. Uhhhh, and who else watches The Bachelorette?! That Ben is a creeepster. Yeesh.

4. Guess who has two thumbs and mowed her first lawn the other day and liked it? Yep, this girl. It might be my new thing.

5. Woke up yesterday morning and headed out the door to work and summer hit me upside the face. Humidity has arrived, people. Yikes.

6. And just because this guy rocks my socks off and is so darn cute, I’ll leave you with this gem.


Happy Thursday friendlies! The weekend is near!


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