Birthday Love

My 28th birthday was nothing short of exceptional. I had another post written for today but last night put me over the edge and I simply could not not write about it.

The day itself was fantastic. My husband woke me up with sweet gifts, my babe slept until almost 9 (Hello!!), my best friend showed up on my doorstep with my favorite coffee and a chocolate chip cookie, there were chocolate ooey gooey caramel bars left on my back doorstep by one of my nearest and dearest, a walk around the neighborhood with the stroller after the husband’s work day ensued and then I got gussied up for a night alone with my husband… or so I thought.

ImageWe headed out and through a few circumstances we ended up walking into Havana Rumba where a table of 18 of our nearest and dearest sat. Tears sprung to my eyes as I was so overwhelmed that people would want to gather to celebrate my birth. We laughed until we cried and then we laughed some more. It was a perfect night. Here are the snapshots into one of the best nights of my life.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageAnd it’s about to get cray up in here. Bear with me.

ImageMy husband is sheeeexxxxyyy.

ImageBest friends who you can’t help but laugh with…. all. the. time.

ImageImageImageImageIt’s a wonder we even got this one.

ImageIt was seriously a fantastic day and evening. My heart is bursting with love.


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