A Letter


Dear C.F.W., Thank you for leaving enough coffee grounds in the grinder to make my own mini press this morning. It’s the fuel to get my rear in gear. I only wish we could’ve had a lazy morning to share it together. Soon enough, sweet boy, soon enough.

Dear Archie Stone, this week The Lord has made me more aware of how He has been gracious in giving me you. My love for you this week has grown ten fold and I have become even more aware at how quickly you are growing up. You can slow your roll a little bit though. Oh, and thank you for saving up a big poo for your daddy yesterday. Seems like I always get the end of that business.

Dear Mosquitos who are taking over my backyard and threatening to carry my child to a faraway land, I loathe you. And we will get rid of you… Your days are numbered. Count that as your one and only warning.

Dear ladies who are partaking in girls night at my hizzle tonight, I love you. Thanks in advance for the absurd conversations, good food and drink. I’ve looked forward to this particular Friday for weeks. Momma needs her gals.

{Today’s post inspired by Em}

Happy last day of May! The weekend is here!


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