Lean with it, Cloth with it

You know how I said I’m a little bit granola in my about me section? Well, cloth diapers might help that cause a little.

Some people are all about it, some people are all about disposables and some do a little bit of both. No judgement with your decision from me. This is just our experience and why we lurve cloth!

(Get ready, it’s a long one)

1. Obviously they save us moolah. I’m a self-proclaimed frugal little gal so this is right up my alley for saving chitty change.

2. They are darn cute. I mean, who doesn’t think a cloth diapered naked baby crawling around on the floor isn’t adorable?20130525-091148.jpg

3. I never look down and say, “Crap, someone has to go to the store stat because we are outta diapers and my child is going to pee all over my house in the next 5 minutes”.

4. They really are easy and there are several different types to choose from.

5. Gentle on the hiney. Enough said.

6. You can cloth diaper full or part-time so if your daycare or people watching your babe aren’t into it then no biggie. (But all of our friends or family who have watched A have not had any issues with changing his diapers. It actually makes our friends want to use cloth with their babes!)

7. And not to sound too high and mighty, the whole disposables in landfills for millions of years made me kind of gag. Can you imagine that smell? Blech.

Alright, let’s talk about the nitty gritty (no pun intended… or maybe it was). Some people I’ve talked to are totally interested in cloth diapering but intimidated by actually making it a part of their daily lives so that’s why I’m doing a whole, big post about it. I can only speak for my family’s experience so here goes.

Before our sweet Archie Stone was born we had pretty much committed to the idea of cloth for all the above reasons but especially reason #1. So I researched and we attended a cloth diaper informational class for two hours one night. After attending, my sweet husband looked at me and said, “Let’s for sure do this thang”. (Actually those probably weren’t his exact words but probably close, especially if you know him and his slow, Southern drawl accent.) Annnnyway, we left the class excited and ready to jump on board 100%. A couple of months before our little guy arrived I jumped on Cotton Babies, surfed through all my options and landed on ordering 12 small pre-folds, 24 normal pre-folds and a wet bag for the dirty business. We also bought 24 cloth wipes and 6 waterproof covers at a local business, Amazing Green Planet.

Once I got them in the mail, I set to washing them, 5 times in a row! Whew. I would wash, dry and wash again 5 separate times so they were ready to roll out as soon as we got the babe home. The reasoning for washing so many times is to get out all those natural fibers so your diapers will absorb the maximum amount of fluids it can so you prevent leakage. Worth it!

We decided to do a combo of pre-folds with waterproof covers over them, pockets and all-in-one’s to see which we liked the best and least.

We put A.S. in cloth right after we got home and had great success. No leaking or blow outs at all. We did have one person buy us a pack of disposable size one’s and we decided to use them for our first out of town trip to make things a little easier while traveling with a 6 week old. Well, needless to say, we had not one, but two blowouts, and I vowed to only use cloth for out of town trips as well. (We have taken 2 lengthy trips since then and have loved having our cloth with us. But we’ve also had a washer and drier at our disposal)

We have a smaller wet bag that stays in A’s diaper bag for when we are out and about and use disposable wipes on the go. At home we use cloth wipes, we bought 24, and just have a spray bottle with water, some baby wash and a little bit of olive oil in it for gentleness on that sweet little hiney of his. Twenty four cloth wipes has proven to be a great number for us and it’s great because we can wipe and just throw them in with his dirty diaper without having to worry about a separate container for throw away wipes.

We wash his diapers every other or every third day. We start out throwing all his diapers, wipes and wet bag in the wash, running a rinse cycle, then wash cycle and if they need it, an extra rinse and spin. We use Charlie’s Soap powder now after starting out with Rock n Green for the first 7 months. We liked Rock n Green but decided to try Charlie’s for being the most cost efficient and so far I really like it. We have front loaders and haven’t had any problems.20130525-090345.jpg

After they are washed, I take them out and put all his pocket diapers, diaper covers, wet bag and any “stained” pre-folds on a drying rack outside. Any “stains” that you might initially see are magically taken care of with the sunshine. It’s kind of awesome.20130525-090334.jpg

I throw any other pre-folds and all his wipes in the drier on the ‘normal’ setting. And after all is said and done, a few hours later, I stuff and fold all the diapers and wipes and put them in his drawers for use and do it all again in a day or two.


As far as possible leakage goes, Archie wears his cloth diapers at night too for 12 hours and I can count on 2 hands the times we have had a leak. And that is 8 months in! No big deal in our opinion and if we need to go to a disposable night time later for more absorbency, so be it, but right now we’re rocking it out at night and I can’t remember the last time we actually had a leak.

And before we end this shindig, let’s talk about poop. A lot of people I’ve talked to are really geeked out of the thought of poop in their washer. But let me put your minds at ease. We have a diaper sprayer that we used right at first and when new foods were introduced. But if your baby is exclusively breast fed, like Archie was for the first 6 months before incorporating solids, you can just throw them in the washer as is. No rinsing required if you don’t feel like it. Breast milk poop is completely water soluble and I only tell you the truth, I never had any poopy remnants in my washer after the wash cycle. Now when we started incorporating solids, that poop turned into a different beast for about 3-4 weeks. I would rinse with the diaper sprayer and then throw in the wash. Now that his little belly is used to breast milk and solids, I can just ‘plop’ his business into the toilet from the diaper. No fuss, no muss. It’s kinda great.

Cloth has been a great choice for our family and especially considering the fact we want more kiddos, this will save us between $1500-2000 with each babe. But I’m sure you are wondering the cost we have put into it as well. We have 15 Bum Genius pocket diapers with snaps (I hear velcro wears out so the snaps should last us with all our babes), 3 Fuzzibunz pockets, 3 All in one’s (a variety), 6 Flip Covers, 6 Snappi closures, 24 cloth wipes, one small wet bag, one large wet bag, 12 small pre-folds for 0-3 months and 24 normal pre-folds for the duration of diapering. We have spent less than $300 buck-a-roo’s. A savings of upwards of $5700! I’ll take it.

So if you have any questions that I haven’t seemed to cover here then please feel free to ask! Happy diapering!


3 thoughts on “Lean with it, Cloth with it

  1. Abby

    First of all, your son is adorable!
    I have a question…in that first picture of him on his tummy, what brand diaper is he wearing? Right now we have fuzzibunz and I hate how bulky they are! My daughter’s clothes are all stretched out from how huge her diapers are. The one he has on is much trimmer!

    1. Lauren @ The Highlands Life Post author

      Hey Abby. In this picture my son is actually wearing a Fuzzibunz diaper. We only have three of those and the rest are BumGenius pockets which we love!! And I’ve resigned to the fact that he might just need one size up in pants because of them being a little bulkier.

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