May 13, 2013

Goooood afternoon friends (new and old, near and far)! At this moment I am sitting on my cream living room couch still in my pj’s, listening to the silence that means there is a napping 7 month old (glorious!), watching the much needed and appreciated sunshine streaming in through my windows, relishing a husband who is working from home today and anticipating a possible trip to the zoo.

Life is different than it was 3 years ago and for that I’m grateful. Grateful for growth… highs, lows, side splitting laughter, heartache, Archie Stone, friends, changing of multiple seasons, and falling deeper in love.

This feels different, this blogging thing. I feel no need to document every morsel of food, every thought, every waking moment, every run and every second of every day. It feels good.

So, with all of that being said, join me. This part of my world will be multi-faceted. It’ll include, but is not limited to, being a wife, momma, baker (p.s. gluten and me are best friends but some of my best friends and gluten are foes so you’ll see a broad range of deliciousness so don’t count me out quite yet my gluten/dairy free lovies), runner, learner and little girl at heart.

And for your viewing pleasure, the two most handsome men in my life.



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